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Friday The 13th: The Game

The Xbox One version of Friday The 13th: The Game from Gun Media and Illfonic appears to have the most issues, so the developers are showing it a lot of love. The first major patch for the game addresses some pressing issues that gamers have complained about since launch.

The news was originally posted up over on the official Facebook page for Friday The 13th: The Game. The developers outline that the Xbox One version was updated this past weekend, and the number one priority was matchmaking.

The issue that was pointed out in the post was that there needed to be a more robust matchmaking system to help reduce the time it took to match players up with one another. In order to achieve this goal the developers had to team up with and work with Microsoft to help resolve the issue. I'm assuming this means that the game may be utilizing Microsoft's Azure cloud networking services to handle matchmaking? It's not explicitly mentioned in the post, but other games in the past have utilized Microsoft's cloud services to help speed up access and tasks for multiplayer titles relying on networking infrastructure to function. The post further mentions that they will detail how the matchmaking will be addressed at a later date.

On the more cosmetic side of things, they've implemented new cinematics for the game intro, outro and spawn for Tommy Jarvis, one of the heroes in the game. A number of fixes have also been implemented for Friday The 13th: The Game, including a bunch of items, either not spawning right or spawning in places they shouldn't. A bunch of Jason's kills that were glitched through or from the environment have also been fixed, along with Jason getting stuck in the floor or misaligned after breaking through the doors.

Camp counselors getting jammed or stuck in windows when climbing in and out have been fixed, along with the camera getting stuck in doors and windows. You know things are glitchy when both the characters and the camera get stuck. It makes wall-guy from Perfect Dark Zero seem acceptable.

On a more serious note, the VoIP issue that was crashing during gameplay have been addressed, along with a memory crash that was causing a memory leak where the texture buffers were bloating up the memory after playing a couple of rounds, presumably due to the fact that they weren't being flushed out of the memory properly after each round.

On the aesthetics front, the developers also upgraded a few of the visuals, such as giving the females physics-based hair, which will add an extra layer of immersion to the game. An additional lighting pass was also added to Friday The 13th: The Game to help with the visual quality, and all of the maps have been revamped with performance optimizations for the Xbox One version so they run a lot better than they did.

As noted by Game Informer, the Steam version of Friday The 13th: The Game also received a patch but it broke some other things so they rolled it back. The developers have plans on rolling out yet another patch for PC gamers and for PlayStation 4 owners.

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