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Pokemon Go Raid Battles

Niantic Labs is still tweaking and making advancements when it comes to the new Raid Battles that it implemented to Pokemon Go for Android and Apple devices. Originally, it had some pretty stiff restrictions on who could join, but now Raid Battles have opened up to more players and this is good news for anyone who has been waiting.

Niantic Confirmed on Twitter that the level requirement for participating in the new Raid Battles is only 25 now, instead of level 31.

A few days before the level requirement was lowered to 31, it was set at level 35, which is just five levels from Pokemon Go's max level of 40.

Of course, some people were asking why Niantic would set the level requirements so high for the Raid Battles? Well, it's kind of like a replacement for a closed beta test of the Raid Battles feature. Given that very few Pokemon Go players are actually level 35 through 40, it would be a great way to use the much smaller pool of players to see how well the Raid Battles worked.

Niantic could then tweak and refine the experience, and after stabilizing the mode it would then be viable to open it up further to more players, which is what happened when it made the mode available for players level 31 and higher.

Of course, not all that many gamers are level 31 or higher, so there was still plenty of restrictions and limitations on who could participate. However, going from the highest level players backward is actually a brilliant move by Niantic. You might be asking "Why?", but it's basically because this guarantees that the developers don't have to create separate test servers or an all new multiplayer environment for the public roll-out of the Raid Battles.

For some games, like Overwatch or Battlefield, there are public test realms or public test servers that allow gamers to playtest upcoming patches for the titles. Setting up these separate test realms can be expensive, time-consuming, and costly when it comes to resources. Niantic managed to avoid going that route for introducing new multiplayer content for Pokemon Go by simply restricting the Raid Battles to the upper echelon of players near the peak level in the game.

The plan is that, eventually, Niantic will bring down the requirements for the Raid Battles until all players can participate.

The mode sees up to 20 players teaming up together to take down a single boss within a limited amount of time. Players will have to work together, fight hard, and use a lot of strategy to take down the raid boss. There are big rewards available, along with the ability to get a special ball that can capture boss Pokemon.

At this rate expect Niantic to lower the level requirements from 25 to 20 over the next couple of days, which should invite millions of more Pokemon Go gamers into the fold.

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