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One of the underrated titles that came out this year from Terrible Toybox was Thimbleweed Park. The game launched at the end of March on Steam, and now it's set to arrive sometime soon for the Nintendo Switch.

The news comes courtesy of the game's lead designer, and legendary game maker, Ron Gilbert. The announcement for the Switch version of Thimbleweed Park was posted up on the Twitter account of Gilbert, with a short 42 second long video attached.

The minute long video showcases some of the gameplay of Thimbleweed Park running natively on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately it doesn't look like touchscreen controls will be active, but instead players will need to use the analog sticks on the left and right Joy-Cons to maneuver the reticule around on the screen.

In the portable mode the game looks about the same as it did when it launched on PC, featuring retro-themed pixel graphics and an old-school interface reminiscent of Thim Schafer and Ron Gilbert's classic Maniac Mansion.

Gilbert is definitely no stranger to the adventure game, point-and-click genre, having worked on many classics throughout his career, including Monkey Island, Pajama Sam and The Cave to name but a few. You can most certainly see the classics and how they influenced the design of Thimbleweed Park, which takes place in the small town on the outskirts of civilization and centers around a mysterious murder.

Players can control multiple playable characters in the game, including the two FBI agents that are somewhat mirrored after Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. However, there's a bit of a mystery involving one of the agents and plenty of comedic beats to keep the laughs and entertainment levels high.

The game feels like a true throwback to the oddball point-and-click games from the late 1980s and early 1990s, when fantasy-themed content and absurdest realities weren't off the creative table. Back then games really took a lot of liberties with creating fantastical stories and worlds that were completely off the cuff. A lot of games these days focus on trying to be very realistic or mimic the story or thematic structures of movies and television. But it's not all bad, given that Telltale has definitely carved out a niche where the episodic style approach to its storytelling has really paid off in big ways, especially with outings like The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands and now Minecraft: Story Mode.

Thimbleweed Park is a lot more traditional in its design, forcing players to think outside of the box and utilize discovery and detective skills in an almost sandbox-style environment.

The game is already available on Xbox One, mobile devices and Steam for $19.99, but next week details will drop on when Thimbleweed Park will finally make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

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