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Splatoon 2

Nintendo dropped so many details about _Splatoon 2 _that it was easy to miss some of the more unique features set to arrive in when it launches on July 21st exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Gamespot compiled some of the other details that wasn't covered during Nintendo's press release announcements a couple of days ago. For instance, one of the new weapons in the game called the Brella. The gun is an umbrella-shaped weapon that allows you to use it both offensively and defensively. It can shoot out ink blots at opponents and to cover the environment, but it also can be used as a shield when you hold down the fire button. The umbrella part extends and blocks any incoming fire from opponents.

The Brella joins a bunch of other new weapons in Splatoon 2, such as the Tenta Missiles, which can fire a barrage of ink missiles at opponents, or the Inkjet jetpack, which allows you to hover in the air briefly and rain down ink at opponents, not unlike the Jet Trooper in Star Wars: Battlefront. There's also a new special item called the Baller that allows you to hop into a hamster ball and roll up walls and then explode in a ball of ink that does AOE damage.

Some of these special weapons are situated in the special weapons category, which can be activated during battle using the 'Y' button. Players will also have a main weapon and sub-weapon at their disposal as well. New weapons, clothing items, and accessories can also be acquired from the shops sprinkled around the plaza hub.

As you earn points and win matches, you can take your earnings to the plaza and buy new clothing items for your cephalopod. Another new feature is being able to upgrade your gear with ability slots, opening up new ways to increase your effectiveness on the battlefield and during the co-op modes.

One more aspect that you may have missed during the Nintendo Direct or the initial press rounds is that Nintendo is bringing back a number of stages from the original Splatoon, which first launched back in 2015 for the Wii U. You may have briefly saw the stages during the Nintendo Direct showcase, but if you weren't paying attention, some of the returning stages include the Moray Towers, along with Port Mackerel.

Nintendo will also roll out free content updates for Splatoon 2 over the course of the year following its release, some of this free content includes brand new maps such as a battle arena themed around a pirate ship.

One of the new maps does include the Inkblot Art Academy, which was also only briefly covered during the Nintendo Direct.

Splatoon 2 will also feature an all new robust single-player mode with all new challenge maps and platforming stages to beat. Nintendo has plans on supporting the game with a year's worth of content and two year's worth of multiplayer events called SplatFests, which basically work as regular online tournament events to keep the community engaged. A free multiplayer demo of Splatoon 2 will be playable on July 15th, just a week before the game releases on the Nintendo Switch.

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