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Max Brass joins the ARMS roster

ARMS, the Nintendo Switch exclusive fighting game, is set to receive its first major update this week. And alongside a brand new character, players will be able to enjoy new in-game ARMS, a new arena and even a new multiplayer game mode.

We already knew that Max Brass would be joining the ARMS roster this week, but Nintendo has now offered some additional details as to what players can expect alongside the mini-boss that everybody loves to hate. He's comes with a collection of new ARMS to equip, his own stage and, just for fun, there's even a new multiplayer game mode that lets players take on the role of the most frustrating enemy in the game.

That's a lot to break down, so we'll start with the new addition to the roster. If you've played the ARMS career mode, then you'll recognize Max Brass as the current tournament champion who you must overthrow in the final round. He's a bit OP in the single player mode, so we'll be interested to see how he plays once folks are able to take control of him directly.

Just like in the single player mode, Brass' ARMS will remain charged if his health falls below a certain point and, with charged arms, he can take hits without being sent flying. In other words, the dude is something of a tank.

Brass also comes with a collection of new ARMS to unlock, including the Nade, Roaster and Kablammer. And since no fighting game character would be complete without their own stage, you'll be able to battle in Sky Arena once the update goes live.

The folks over at Eurogamer recently had a chat with producer Kosuke Yabuki about the update, as well as other tweaks coming to the game.

For starters, Yabuki revealed a new multiplayer mode called Hedlok. Again, fans of the game will likely recognize that name, as it's the online mode that pits players against the extremely frustrating Hedlok, a floating head with multiple arms just perfect for pummeling multiple foes at once. In the new game mode, players will battle to gain possession of a Hedlok power-up. The player to claim the prize will actually be transformed into Hedlok and gain access to their powers. In other words, players will beat the stuffing out of each other trying to grab this upgrade and, once a player grabs it, the focus shifts to everyone else in the game fighting the single baddie. That's actually a kind of cool twist that will force initial enemies to start working together.

Finally, though ARMS is a light and colorful fighter for the Switch, Yabuki said the team wants to work on balance and make the game fair across the board. In other words, they're trying to make it so that certain character/ARMS combos aren't leaned on so heavily and so that players don't spam certain moves or exploits. These are the types of things that will ruin just about any fighting game, so it's nice to know the team is working to address them. While no details are offered yet, Yabuki said character update info will be made available when ARMS gets refreshed later this week.

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