It's shaping up to be a big week for Pokemon Go players, with developer Niantic not only confirming the details of how legendary creatures will be added to the game, but also launching a live action trailer to drum up hype.

It's hard to believe, but Pokemon Go is now celebrating its first birthday. In honor of 12 months of folks catching Pokemon (as well as doing dumb, potentially illegal things while catching Pokemon), Niantic has decided to finally launch the game's first legendary critters into the wild.

Given previous comments about the summer being "legendary" for Pokemon Go players and raid battles already being introduced into the mix, we figured it was only a matter of time until the most sought after pocket-sized monsters made their way into the AR wilds.

The live action trailer doesn't just jump straight to the legendary announcement, though. Instead, it focuses on all sorts of new tweaks Niantic is plugging into the game through an update that, according to Gamespot, is already rolling out across the globe.

For starters, players can now earn gym badges while playing Pokemon Go, and it looks like other players can give you an assist in battle by tossing helpful items into the mix. Team battles and raids were also recently implemented, with players drawn to specific gyms for timed events in order to take on the game's biggest challenges.

Halfway through the trailer, we see that raid eggs will also soon house those legendary Pokemon everyone has been craving. Actually, the trailer does a pretty great job of making those battles look rad, boasting a single massive legendary Pokemon going to war with hundreds of critters being thrown in by random players. Sure, it doesn't exactly unfold like that in the real world, but that's what our imagination is for, right?

Niantic has announced that the first legendary raid will be hosted at the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago this Saturday, July 22. Players at the event will have a set time period to defeat the first legendary and, if they are successful, they will then start popping up in the wild. Our understanding is that, if you take part in a successful raid against a legendary Pokemon, you'll earn the chance to capture it and add it to your collection, too. However, just so things stay nice and fair, you won't be able to leave them in gyms as a defensive measure.

As the original story points out, there's no backup plan listed for when legendary Pokemon will go live if the Chicago crowd doesn't prove successful. We figure that means the deck will be stacked in their favor, as you'd hate to have an anticlimactic event livestreamed all over the world.

So assuming all goes according to plan, Niantic will be releasing legendary critters in Pokemon Go starting this weekend. Get back out there and start training.

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