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Pokemon Go Fest Live-Stream

Niantic Labs' first ever live event for Pokemon Go is about to get underway this weekend and gamers from around the world have been invited to participate in the event in Chicago, Illinois. Well, if you aren't able to attend in person you will be able to attend via live-stream.

The news was posted up via the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, where it was announced that for the first annual Pokemon Go Fest, anyone who can't make it to Chicago in person will be able to watch the event live through the app on the Pokemon Go official channel.

The live-stream will get underway on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017. The actual event will begin at 8 a.m., but there's no word on the account if the live-stream will start with the event or if there will be a delay. It would probably be best to tune in as early as possible to see how things unfold by checking out the Twitch channel occasionally to see when it will get underway.

According to Gamespot, one of the activities has been revealed in the form of the three-tiered "Challenge Windows". This sees Pokemon trainers attempting to work together throughout the day between three specific times, each window lasting only half an hour. The object is for people to collectively -- all around the world -- catch Pokemon within those half hour windows to unlock bronze, silver and gold tier rewards.

For those who will be in attendance at Chicago, there will be special rewards handed out separate from what everyone else around the world receives. For instance, there will be a candy bonus, an XP bonus, a stardust bonus, an egg bonus, a buddy distance bonus and an encounter-rate bonus.

Pokemon Go players from around the world will receive increased bonus duration for an extra 24 hours if the bronze status is reached, and if the silver status is obtained within the allotted time the bonus duration will last for 48 hours. If the gold status is reached, a mystery challenge will be unlocked for players around the world.

The second phase of the mystery challenge will take place later that evening between 6pm and 7pm. This will involve attempting to reach gold tier status for those in Grant Park, Chicago. If this is achieved within the allotted time, a new mystery challenge for those in Chicago will be unlocked.

If the mystery challenge in Chicago is completed a third and final phase will be unlocked for Pokemon Go players, involving a major global reward that will unlock between July 23rd and July 24th. There are no details on exactly what this reward will be or how exactly it will be obtained, but I imagine if gamers are dedicated enough they will be able to unlock it.

Gamespot notes that outside of the U.S., there will be special events held across Europe throughout the summer, including special events at the Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers, as well as special events and rewards taking place in Chester in the U.K. In the meantime, if you aren't able to attend these special Pokemon Go live events, keep an eye out for the live-streams to appear on Twitch.

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