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The Nintendo World Championships are set to make their return this fall, giving folks the chance to compete in a series of gaming challenges in order to be crowned the top player of 2017. Qualifiers are happening all over the country, with the final showdown taking place in New York City on Oct. 7 and the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom.

The last time the Nintendo World Championships rolled around was back in 2015, when they were hosted in the early stages of E3 in Los Angeles. This year, eight qualifying events will be hosted at select Best Buy stores spread across the United States. The official announcement states that the event will let players celebrate Nintendo's past, present, and future, so we imagine old school classics from the NES and SNES era might be joined by modern games like Splatoon 2 and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. That last game launches on Oct. 27, so it would make sense for Nintendo to use the World Championships as a sort of early launch party for Mario and friends.

If you want to check in on specific qualifying rounds and locations, you'll need to drop by the event's official website and check out your city of choice. As an overview, though, events in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area will be at designated Best Buy stores on Aug. 19-20. Chicago and Los Angeles events will be Aug. 26-27. Minneapolis and Dallas events run from Sept. 2-3. Finally, Seattle and Miami events will be Sept. 9-10.

It sounds like the qualifiers will be focused on one game: Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. It's a solid game, but we'd be interested in hearing Nintendo's reasoning for going that route. On top of the competition, there will be an assortment of game demos available for folks to try out, as well as giveaways to enjoy. You won't be competing against other players directly, however, so don't worry about performing well and then having a blue shell ruin your day right at the very end. The qualifying mode will be Time Trial; so it's just you, your kart and a mad dash to the finish line.

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As for age brackets, there will be one for 12 and under and one for 13 and older. If you're 17 or younger, your parents will have to be present for you to participate. Full rules and a registration form are also available on the official site.

And if you want to get in a bunch of practice, Nintendo has also listed some additional details for the event. For the 12 and under group, you'll be using Mario in a standard kart, with standard wheels and the Super Glider. The stage is DS Luigi's Mansion. The 13 and up group will use Bowser in a standard kart with standard wheels and the Super Glider, with your stage being GBA Bowser Castle 1.

Good luck!