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EVE Valkyrie Warzone Expansion

Now here's some news that you don't often see... in fact, this is news you don't see at all: a VR game is dropping its requirement to play it via VR. This news comes straight from the horses mouth at CCP Games, where the developers acknowledged that PlayStation 4 gamers will soon be able to play EVE: Valkyrie without a PlayStation VR headset.

Lead game designer at CCP Games, Andrew Willans, rolled out the news over on the PlayStation Blog. It was announced that starting September 26th, next month, EVE: Valkyrie will be available for PlayStation 4 gamers without the VR requirement.

This major change comes with the new Warzone expansion pack, which will be available for both PS4 and PSVR users. Additionally, those who don't have a PlayStation VR headset, it will be possible to play alongside with those who do have a PlayStation VR headset.

For those who don't own the game, it will be possible to purchase the game for $29.99, but for those of you who already own a copy of EVE: Valkyrie, the expansion will be made available for free.

The post goes on to explain that EVE: Valkyrie's new update will also come with brand new weapons for players to utilize, as well as new abilities. The Clone Vat also makes it possible for players to playtest every single flyable ship in the game. This wasn't present before, but it's being added to the Warzone update as a way to give gamers an opportunity to try out which ships they want to add to their stash before unlocking them.

And speaking of progression... there's a revamped progression system available that adds new modifications to each of the ships so that players can unlock new abilities and various other upgrades.

The upgrades also tie into the new rewards system, which removes Gold and Silver currency and replaces them with a basic mono-currency system in the form of XP. This means you'll be able to upgrade your ship and unlock new abilities without worrying about if you have the right kind of currency.

Additionally, EVE: Valkyrie's new expansion will include an all new Extraction mode, which is similar to capture the flag, and two new maps in the form of Fleet and Outpost.

This new expansion is definitely something a lot of gamers didn't see coming, but many are actually glad the non-VR option is available. The added cross-platform compatibility makes it that much more enticing for those who may have wanted to give the space-sim a try but didn't want to invest in the PlayStation VR to do so.

EVE Online players who also may have wanted to try their hand at the offshoot of the space strategy sim but didn't want to commit to a PSVR setup. Others mentioned in the comment section that their excitement had nothing to do with the PlayStation VR price, the PS4, or EVE, it had everything to do with the weight of the headset, and the fact that they would get motion sickness after playing for too long. So some gamers who already own it are finding a good reason to dive back in come September 26th.

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