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Pokemon Gold and Silver

Nintendo's Pokemon cash cow continues to generate interest and hype for the company even when it's just older games being re-released. In fact, that's exactly what's happening with the retail iterations of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, both of which are coming back to store shelves.

According to Gamespot, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are re-releasing the old Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver to store shelves. However, there's a rather large caveat that might sour the experience for some gamers when it comes to the physical boxed copies.

Nintendo will be re-releasing both titles onto the Nintendo eShop as Virtual Console titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Pricing on the games have not been revealed, however, Gamespot notes that both titles will see a limited retail run on store shelves in Europe following the launch on the eShop.

According to the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account, the boxed versions will not contain physical releases of the game, but instead will come packaged with download codes for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console renditions.

Gamespot is also reporting that the Japanese version of the re-release will also see a physical rendition made available for the old-school games. So far there's no word on if there will be boxed copies for the Pokemon games in North America.

Not every fan is happy about the fact that there is a physical copy of the games being made available with only digital download codes inside.

Technically the only reason anyone wants physical copies is to be able to own the cartridge, and not have to deal with download codes, digital distribution, or any of the bandwidth limitations that comes with digital distribution.

Nevertheless, as pointed out by Gamespot, the physical boxes are designed to be replicas of the old Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver releases from back in 2000, when the games released on the old Game Boy Color.

The games were also hugely popular and even troubled Game Freaks' director due to the hype that the games generated and the feeling of inadequacy for being able to do a proper follow-up with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Nevertheless, the developers prevailed and still managed to knock it out the box with the newer games, despite facing some really stiff competition from George Lucas' Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which was also out at the time.

As for Pokemon Gold and Silver, the games featured the first look at the Johto region, and it also contained a whole new generation of Pokemon for gamers to capture following on the release of the Pokemon Red and Blue games. 100 new Pokemon were introduced, along with the new Dark and Steel-type Pokemon.

You can look for the Virtual Console re-release of Pokemon Gold and Silver to land on the eShop starting September 22nd. The physical boxed editions will also be available in both Europe and Japan.

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