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I don't think anyone has ever said that Nintendo wasn't creative with its characters, because they would be laughably wrong. In fact, one of the highlights of Nintendo's newest IP for the Nintendo Switch, ARMS, is its crazy cast of characters, including some of the new DLC characters, which include a nunchuck-wielding clown.

Nintendo tossed out the all new trailer for the upcoming ARMS DLC character known as Lola Pop!

The character is a French clown, with spring arms, nunchucks and an attitude that's one-half perky and one-half feisty.

Lola is decked out in some bright yellow trousers and orange sneakers. She has a candy-corn hairdo and a green vest on underneath, along with a matching green bandanna. She sports a red nose, frilly bangs, purple ball earrings, and clown makeup.

The character sounds kind of ridiculous, but within the wacky world of ARMS... it works.

While her original weapon set are the nunchucks, which she can use both offensively and defensively, her second weapon set includes spring loaded paint tubes. It looks like a weapon from out of Splatoon 2... or at least inspired by it. The three-pronged launcher is one of those weapons that would be perfect for the target mode or the beach volleyball. However, it would also work out well for keeping an opponent zoned out as you pepper them with light hits from a distance, just like a standard 2D fighting game.

Lola's third weapon looks like a spinner, but is actually a disc with an expanding electric grid. It sounds as crazy as it looks. Essentially, this is more of a defensive weapon than an offensive one. You can use it to block incoming attacks or shield Lola from multiple incoming projectiles. She also has a special blocking ability, enabling her to bloat up like a balloon and block incoming attacks.

People had a lot to say in the comment section about Lola's wacky abilities. The end part of the trailer also shows how she can mix and match her arms for maximum effectiveness against an opponent.

ARMS offers a lot of strategy and skill in order to maximize a character's efficiency during combat, not unlike how the characters radically change in Injustice 2 when they're outfitted with certain gear upgrades.

As is usual with most updates, the update featuring Lola the clown will be free, which was revealed in a tweet over on the Nintendo of America Twitter account.

Unfortunately, there is no exact release date on when Lola will be available in the game, but you can expect to see her arrive soon. Additionally, there will be a free global test punch this weekend starting August 25th for Nintendo Switch players, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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