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Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors, the hack-and-slash, thousand-army game from Koei Tecmo for the Nintendo Switch, will have a season pass. The game is already set to feature a ton of characters from the Fire Emblem franchise, but the season pass will open up even more content for the game.

It was announced that alongside the October 20th launch of Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, it will be possible to pick up a season pass for all of the future DLC released for the game.

The season pass will be available for $19.99 and will enable gamers access to three post-launch DLC packs. Gamers will receive these digital content packs as they become available. The packs will include new playable characters in the game along with new weapons to use.

Unfortunately the press release doesn't exactly detail which characters and what weapons will be included in each pack, but we do get a general idea based on the basic description. For instance, we know that the first pack will be available starting in December of this year in 2017, and that the pack will carry a $8.99 price tag on it, featuring characters and weapons from the 3DS outing of Fire Emblem Fates.

We also know that the second DLC pack will launch in the beginning of 2018, starting in February. The second pack will also be $8.99 for those who don't purchase the season pass, and it will feature "many" characters and items from the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon outing.

The third and final DLC pack that will be part of the season pass is set to debut in March of 2018. It's a long ways out from the October 20th release of Fire Emblem Warriors, but the DLC will contain characters and content from the very popular Fire Emblem Awakening.

Don't worry, though, Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have plans on detailing each of the packs more in depth ahead of their release so that gamers know exactly what they're getting for each of the outings.

The season pass will also be available alongside the Fire Emblem Warriors special bundle edition, which will be exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch. It comes with the soundtrack for the game, a specially designed box, a physical copy of the game, template cards, and a double-sided poster. The special bundle edition will be available for $79.99, with pre-orders currently open over on the official Fire Emblem website.

What's more is that the game will also feature compatibility with the currently available Amiibo for the Nitnendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. You'll be able to unlock special in-game items when using Chrom, Tiki, Marth, Robin, and Lucina Amiibo figurines when they're scrolled across the NFC reader. The figures will unlock special weapons and materials, enabling gamers to use up to five figurines per day.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a typical Dynasty Warriors-style game themed after many of Koei Tecmo's other thousand-army hack-and-slash outings. So if you enjoy the Musou-style gameplay that Omega Force titles are known for, you might enjoy the upcoming outing on Nintendo systems. This seems to be a trend for each generation now, especially after Koei released Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U last gen.

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