Pokemon Go Gen III

Whenever the topic of Pokemon Go pops up the conversation has shifted from ludicrous things like finding dead bodies in riverbanks or people running into cop cars while they're too busy playing the game. Now, gamers are focused on a far more important topic that has canvassed the conversation regarding Niantic Labs' mobile app: third generation Pokemon. Some cool new features have been discovered by dataminers in the latest update, hinting at what's to possibly come in the near future.

Over on Reddit, dataminers have ripped open the hood for the inner guts of Pokemon Go, and have been picking apart some of the unannounced changes set to arrive for the game as Niantic let slip some interesting goods during a minor 0.79.2 update for the game. According to the dataminers there are hooks for sound files relating to "cries" for Gen III Pokemon, which is noted to include Deoxys.

If you think sound hooks aren't enough to get you excited, they also found Gen III gym badges. These badges are for the Pokedex entries relating to Gen III Pokemon gym battles. This was found through a rather obvious code string that literally reads: Badge_Pokedex_Entries_Gen3.

As noted by the miners, it's impossible to misinterpret what that means, especially when you combine it with the fact that they found Gen III Pokemon sounds in the APK update.

When can we expect Gen III Pokemon to arrive? Well, according to the dataminers it looks like some of the Pokemon will be making their debut in the upcoming Pokemon Go Halloween event.

So, what did they find out about the Halloween event? Well, basically just a string entry for music, which they speculate could relate to a new map for the game or allow gamers to make a trip to Lavender Town.

Dataminers haven't missed a beat when it comes to making discoveries for Pokemon Go. That's not to say that they may not be wrong or that things could change, because things could definitely change. However, for the most part it looks like Gen III Pokemon are on the way.

Gamers were definitely excited last year when rumors spread around (thanks once again to dataminers) that Gen II Pokemon would be joining the Pokemon cast of catchable pocket monsters in Niantic's portable program.

For those of you unfamiliar with the various generations of Pokemon, the Gen III line made their appearance during Game Freak's release of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire back in the early 2000s. This was back when the games were still selling like crazy on the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.

Some of the Pokemon in Gen III included rare creatures from the Hoenn region, such as Beldum, Metang, Bagon, Volbeat and Aron to name but a few.

You'll have to wait for the Halloween event, however, before you can get your hands on the new Pokemon set to arrive in Pokemon Go. The upcoming update will also add in some potentially new features such as passcode rewards, a few tweaks to the AR feature, and some better performance infrastructure (hopefully). As usual, some of this stuff may change ahead of time given that Niantic has yet to make an official announcement about these features.

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