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Spooky Pokemon cast in moonlight

Pokemon Go will once again feature a Halloween event this year, encouraging players to get out and catch an influx of spooky critters. And while there is a handful of new ghost-type Pokemon joining the mix, players will also enjoy special in-game promotions, including extra candy to help bolster their collection.

A lot of games feature Halloween events, but few are as appropriate as Pokemon Go. The core game is all about wandering around town, trying to collect new pocket-sized monsters and prizes from specific locations. It's basically year-round trick-or-treating without the need of a costume.

To encourage more players to get out and keep the spirit of Halloween alive over the next couple of weeks, Pokemon Go is hosting an event where players will discover more spooky Pokemon out in the wild than normal. The Halloween event is already up and running, and will conclude on Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. PDT. Until then, IGN has compiled a list of all of the Pokemon you can expect to see more of out in the wild. Along with series staples, some new critters from the Hoenn region are joining in on the excitement, including Banette and Sableye.


Along with those Pokemon, there's an even better reason to get out and try to catch some extra critters this season. Pikachu is a fan of hats, and has already been found in the game wearing both a Santa hat and the hat Ash wore in the popular television series. For Halloween, Pikachu is wearing a witch hat, and it's its best accessory yet. We're not sure if every Pikachu will be wearing a witch hat through the event, but if this is anything like previous promotions, he shouldn't be too hard to find in their adorable new duds.

But it wouldn't be a Halloween event without candy, and Pokemon Go has got you covered. During the event, you'll find twice as much Buddy Pokemon Candy. You'll also earn twice as much candy for catching Pokemon, hatching critters and transferring them. If you were hoping for a costume of your own, anyone who logs in during the event will also receive a Mimikyu Disguise Hat, which is pretty fantastic.

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