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Destiny 2 Players Are Being Banned On PC For Questionable Reasons

A Titan takes cover in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has barely been out on PC for a full day and already the game has stirred up some controversy. Dozens of players have reported that they received account bans from the game, some within moments of initial start-up. Bungie says they're looking into the matter but, for the most part, they're arguing that the bans were warranted.

While Destiny 2 has been out on consoles for a couple of months now, the game is only just now launching on PC. What should have been an exciting time for PC players has instead turned into a pretty frustrating scenario for some, with reports rolling in that accounts are already being banned.

Over on the Bungie forums, players are reporting that they were banned from Destiny 2 shortly after starting up the game. Much speculation has occurred over the past day as to the cause of such an occurrence, with the community settling on the fact that some bans were potentially due to users utilizing third-party software, such as programs that provide a screen overlay. Bungie stated a while back that such programs could not be used in Destiny 2 because of the impact they would have on the community and fairness of the game, as well as hacking concerns.

Some folks, though, have stated that they had no such program running in tangent with Destiny 2, with others claiming the only thing they even have on their computer is the Blizzard launcher and the Destiny 2 game.

Obviously, that's two sides to a story that aren't adding up. Things become even more complicated when you consider Bungie's response to the matter, specifically that a ban cannot occur automatically in Destiny 2. If cause for concern is detected, a team member reportedly has to look into the matter personally before a ban can be issued. However, it was also brought up that these same accounts were used during the beta period so, if anything fishy was going on at the time, various accounts would have been looked into. Flash forward to this week and, once the person tried to get the game up and running, they would have discovered the ban.

We're definitely interested in seeing how this story shakes out. A bug that instantly bans random accounts doesn't seem too likely, and we don't want to just blindly accuse players of maybe not being completely honest here, so there's defiantly some resolution that needs to occur.

According to Bungie, approximately 400 accounts were banned on PC, and only four of those bans are being overturned. In other words, it sounds like they've been looking into the claims and, on their end, 396 of those bans were warranted. That is, of course, assuming they've completed their investigation; though the fact that they've issued this statement would seem to indicate that they consider the matter closed.

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