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Nintendo Switch

A lot of studios -- mostly indie studios -- have been absolutely filled with glee to support Nintendo's new hybrid gaming console, the Switch. We've seen plenty of small studios hop on board the Switch hype train, making or porting games as quickly as possible to catch a ride on the massive sales momentum for the system. However, one studio is in no hurry to make Nintendo Switch Games, and it happens to be none other than Electronic Arts.

Yes, as pointed out by Takashi Mochizuki via Twitter, Electronic Arts is the company with no big rush to support the Big N.

The market note was originally published by Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Needleman. She pointed out that after Electronic Arts ported over FIFA 18 to the Nintendo Switch, CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned that the company would be waiting and judging how well FIFA 18 performed on Nintendo's system before deciding whether or not to further support the console. The company is also keeping an eye on the sales of the Switch before committing more resources to it.

The latest soccer outing came out back in September of this year, but it may not be a very good gauge of the Switch's success given that it's no where near as feature-rich as the PC, PS4 or Xbox One versions of FIFA 18. You see, EA Sports' port of the popular soccer game onto the Nintendo Switch is completely missing The Journey, a story-based single-player mode where players journey with Alex Hunter through his career in attempting to become a big name soccer star. This mode was completely absent from the Switch version of the game.

Additionally, all of the benefits, rendering features and upgrades provided by the Frostbite 3 game engine have also been extricated from the Switch version of the game as well. This means that the Switch version is decidedly worse than the other versions of the game. It would be difficult to say that FIFA 18 is a good gauge for judging how successful the Switch is when most gamers are going to want to get the "full" version of the game on one of the bigger systems.

Also, in regard to the system's sales... it's one of the fastest selling gaming devices in the history of gaming. It's weird that EA would say that it will be further surveying the system's sales when it's tracking to catch up to the Wii U's lifetime install base within the span of a year.

Gamers have seen the writing on the wall, though. They aren't particularly keen on seeing much support from EA on Nintendo's device, especially after the publisher just recently shut down Visceral Games, and have been embroiled in the controversy surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II's loot boxes.

If EA did decide to support the Nintendo Switch, a lot of the multiplatform games couldn't be straight ports, since EA would have to accommodate the games both in TV mode and in portable mode, which could be one of the other reasons the company isn't too quick to adopt support for the Switch.

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