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Trinket Studios released a new trailer with the release date for the upcoming game Battle Chef Brigade for the Nintendo Switch an dPC, which sees a combination of Monster Hunter style gameplay with the kind of cooking and gastronomy that one would expect from Iron Chef. The game is due out on November 20th.

The trailer starts by introducing gamers to one of the multiple playable characters in Battle Chef Brigade, Mina. She ran away from home to become not just an expert chef, but a battle chef.

She joins a tournament where she must prove her culinary skills in a battle of wits, skill, and cutlery against various other competitors all wanting to become the best in the land.

The trailer covers the game's inventory shopping system, where you'll have to prepare and equip your character with the proper gear before you head out into the world or start churning out culinary masterpieces at the chef's table.

It's very similar to Monster Hunter in this, respect insofar that you'll need certain kinds of weapons/cutlery to take down certain kinds of foes, as well as to use during the actual cooking segments.

And this is where the trailer showcases how unique Battle Chef Brigade really is. It's essentially two games in one: on one side you have the adventure mode where you'll have to go out and attempt to gather up the necessary ingredients by fighting beasts and other creatures. You'll have to attempt to upgrade your gear to fight harder enemies and get better ingredients. The enemy designs also borrow a lot from what you would expect from games like Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter, both Capcom games.

The enemies are large and varied and will require you to have fast reflexes as you dodge their attacks, unleash aerial combos, and attempt to execute chain-juggle attacks on suspecting and unsuspecting foes. So there's a little bit of Dragon Ball Z in there, too.

Once you defeat the enemies and grab up your supplies you have to head back to the tournament inside the coliseum and then prepare the designated meal.

This is where the second part of the game comes into play, and the culinary preparation turns into its own mini-game where you'll have to prepare a meal using a match-3 mini-game. You'll be on a timer and have to reach a certain score while using the ingredients you gathered during the item collection phase.

You'll be able to play through the story mode as several different characters, each with their own back stories and aspirations. So far the developers have been receiving a ton of praise for the game, because it combines the ridiculous nature of an anime with the real-life competitive aspects of reality shows like Iron Chef, but it has the combat phase in a 2D platforming segment to mix up the gameplay even more.

You can look to get in on the action starting November 20th on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch or via the Steam store.

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