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The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp log.

If you were looking for something to keep you occupied during holiday travels this week, Nintendo has come to the rescue with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As an added bonus, it's actually available on mobile platforms a day earlier than expected. As in, right now.

Earlier this fall, Nintendo finally held a Direct video presentation highlighting their latest mobile offering, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. While Australia got their hands on the game instantly to serve as a test market, Nintendo announced the rest of the world would finally be able to build their own campsite sometime in late November. Last week, the Big N confirmed that Pocket Camp would be arriving just in time for the holidays, launching on Android and iOS tomorrow, Nov. 22. Then, out of nowhere, the game actually appeared today, Nov. 21.

We figure Nintendo wanted to allow everyone plenty of time to get the game downloaded and started before actually hitting the road to grandma's house, or wherever the winds may take you this Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, that's a very U.S.-centric way of looking at the launch timing, but that's the best I can come up with for why they'd just flip the switch on the game 24 hours early.

While we don't blame you for rushing out and downloading the game instantly, remember that this is going to be a very popular mobile game and Nintendo is still kind of new to this, so servers are likely to be an issue. According to Engadget, some folks are already reporting difficulty playing the game because servers are overwhelmed. Hopefully, things will be settled before crazy Uncle Gary wants to come over and talk about politics or world events while waiting on the turkey to bake.

This is Nintendo's fourth mobile title following the lackluster Miitomo and the much better Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. Mario Run is a for-pay game that, despite its huge success, hasn't made enough money to please Nintendo. Fire Emblem, though, offers microtransactions that have made it much more lucrative. We figure that's why Animal Crossing, and probably every other Nintendo mobile game moving forward, will follow that same model. We've heard that Pocket Camp needed some tweaking in the reward loop/time commitment department during early play, so hopefully, that's been worked out by now. Otherwise, we saw Nintendo react quickly to adjust Fire Emblem for mobile and that worked out swimmingly, so we assume the same will be done for Animal Crossing.

Again, we have no issues with microtransactions when they're implemented well, especially if the game is free-to-play to begin with. What, did you think I would talk about this kind of stuff without bringing up Battlefront II one more time?

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