Niantic Labs likes to keep the events rolling out for Pokemon Go. The developers have been keen on keeping the community engaged with new content, new quests, and new community-driven goals. In fact, the latest Global Catch Challenge has already completed the first major goal, the Bronze tier.

The achievement of the Bronze medal is quite impressive because the Pokemon Go event only just got underway on November 20th, and just one day later you have gamers from all over the world working together to capture more than 500 million Pokemon within the mobile app. It's a real accomplishment, and surely shows that when the servers are working in the right shape and the world community of gamers want to accomplish something, they can.

There are three tiers to this event, including the Bronze Tier, which is where 500 million Pokemon must be captured to earn a double XP and Lure Modules that will last for up to six hours, as mentioned above. This will apply to all Pokemon for trainers attempting to catch the pocket monsters from all over the world, so everyone shares the success.

The next tier on the list is the Silver Tier. This is a little bit more difficult to accomplish because it requires that gamers catch at least 1.5 billion Pokemon. That's a massive step up from the 500 million figure at the Bronze Tier. However, the rewards are so much better for those who do manage to accomplish the Silver Tier, such as earning double Stardust and having more rare Pokemon appear throughout the game world.

The last and final tier is the Gold Tier. This will require Pokemon Go trainers to capture 3 billion Pokemon. This will also unlock Farfetch'd who will be available for 48 hours while Kangaskhan will be available in East Asia for up to 48 hours as well.

The Bronze and Silver Tier rewards will be available once the goal is reached. The Gold Tier will also start once the goal is reached and will be available for only 48 hours once it's unlocked.

Now, the highlight is that even if you didn't help unlock the three tiers during the Global Catch Challenge, the Bronze Tier rewards will be available for gamers all month long, so you don't have to worry about missing out.

The event will last all the up until November 26th with the Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan. So far, Niantic has been doing a much better job of handling the public events after the disaster in Chicago.

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