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The developer Atooi has been making some high-quality indie games over the years, and now the company's next big project has been revealed. What is that project? Well, there are some big plans to release three of the company's games for the Nintendo Switch, starting with one of the studio's most popular titles, Mutant Mudds.

The news went live courtesy of Atooi's head honcho, Jools Watsham, who tweeted out that Atooi has three games planned for release on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

The Mutant Mudds Collection is hailed as Atooi's first major release on the Nintendo Switch, but the company will be releasing more games throughout the three... three in total.

What isn't explained in the tweet is if this will be three brand new IPs, three new sequels, or if these will be three ported games to the Switch's library.

Atooi has been supporting Nintendo for some time now, with games that have been released across the Nintendo 3DS, the Wii U, and now the Nintendo Switch, among other platforms.

The company's most popular series, Mutant Mudds, received a lot of praise and critically positive feedback from the gaming review community and managed to etch out a small corner of the market for itself on a variety of platforms, including the 3DS, Wii U, Switch, Steam, and the PS Vita.

With the Mutant Mudds Collection out of the way for the Switch, it's possible we could be seeing all new games coming to Nintendo's system, or ports of older games like Chicken Wiggle, Xeodrifter, Totes The Goat, or _Bomb Monkey. _

Atooi is currently working on another game called Treasurenauts. It's a side-scrolling game that still retains the charming art-style that many of the studio's games are known for. It's totally possible that the game could end up being one of the three titles launching for the Nintendo Switch during 2018.

Then again, the three titles could be completely new games that haven't even been announced yet. Quite a few companies have games planned for release for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2018, so it's not uncommon that many of these games would be completely original.

Atooi has a tendency of focusing on classic side-scrolling, action-platformers, not unlike classics like Lethal Weapon, Earthworm Jim or Mega Man. So whatever the company's new games will be will likely be on the same line as the previously released titles.

The company only just formed back in 2016 after replacing the defunct Renegade Kid (the original developers of Atooi's projects), so there's a lot of room to grow and a ton of possibilities that lie ahead for the studio. What we do know is that following on the release of Mutant Mudd Collection, there are some big new releases planned for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, now all we have to do is sit back and wait to find out what those games are.

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