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If you thought that Niantic Labs was focused solely on adding new Pokemon to Pokemon Go, the mobile AR game for the Android and iOS smart devices, you thought wrong. The company is also making some changes to the Eggs you can collect in the game: all Eggs will hatch Pokemon from Hoenn.

The big news came courtesy of the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, which posted a short video clip of the Egg hatching only to reveal a Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

Yes, every Egg in Pokemon Go, for a very limited time, will hatch a Pokemon from the Hoenn region, no matter where you're located or what sort of Incubator you're using.

The Hoenn region is a southern region that was first introduced in the Generation 3 era with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. The region was mostly known for water Pokemon and grass types, given that it was more of a small island with some grasslands and cities to explore.

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The region became a staple in newer Pokemon games for Nintendo's handheld system, and now all the of Pokemon who were located on the island will be hatching out of the Eggs in Pokemon Go.

The Eggs in the game are acquired throughout your travels in the mobile RPG. As you collect Eggs of different levels you'll have to put them into incubators in order to hatch them. The Incubators come in different types to handle the different sized eggs. More expensive and higher quality Incubators can hatch eggs a lot quicker, while lower grade incubators will take longer to hatch the Eggs.

Some people have been using shortcuts as a means to hatch their eggs quicker. A few people attached their phones to fans and had it spin in order to create the impression that they were walking, while others used all manner of other contraptions to cheat their way into limiting the amount of time required to walk and hatch the Eggs in Pokemon Go.

Of course, Niantic caught on and started punishing players attempting to cheat their way through hatching Eggs.

As some gamers on the Twitter thread pointed out, there's also a discount on the Incubators, so there's an incentive to spend some money in the cash shop to help capture as many Hoenn Pokemon as possible during the limited time event.

Niantic Labs didn't state exactly how long the limited time event will run, but don't expect it to last too long, given that it will likely only be available for as long as the discount on the Incubators will last. While the event is going on, you'll likely want to grab up as many new Eggs as possible if you want to get your hands on more Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Pokemon Go. Of course, it also means you'll need to get your hands on a bunch of Incubators, too.