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Pokemon GO Adds New Outfits, But You Need To Earn Them First

Niantic Labs is continuing the constant updates and content roll out for Pokemon GO for mobile devices on iOS and Android. The latest update for the game adds some brand new outfits and unlockables, but you have to put in a bit of time to earn them.

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The news was posted on the official Pokemon GO Twitter, and the company revealed that you'll be able to get some brand new avatar items for your characters in Pokemon GO.

The new avatar items include the Battle Girl gear, the Jogger outfit, and Fisherman gear. The Battle Girl getup looks like workout clothes, featuring a cropped sports bra, above-the-knee spandex shorts, and Pokemon-themed trainer gloves. The Jogger outfit looks more like a surfer's outfit, given that it features a trainer with sunglasses, a visor, a zip up spandex top and bike shorts sigh matching sneakers.

The fisherman outfit is literally exactly how it sounds, with the trainer wearing a Pokemon-themed hat, a fisherman vest, cargo pants and knee length boots.

All three outfits are basic, generically made outfits based on their respective themes. However, if you want to get your hands on them you have to earn the medals for the respective outfits before you can unlock them for your trainer avatar.

Niantic revealed that you can unlock medals by completing certain tasks, catching certain Pokemon, or reaching certain milestones such as traveling a specific distance and visiting certain PokeStops.

The higher tier your achievements the better quality medals you'll unlock. The medals range from bronze, to silver, to gold.

This is basically Niantic's way of not only rewarding gamers for playing the game but also giving them an opportunity to deck out their trainer in Pokemon GO with some brand new duds.

Unfortunately, for gamers hoping to interchange clothes between males and females, it's not possible. Some users lamented this lack of intergender clothing items while they asked about supporting the ability to have females wear some of the male clothes if possible.

Maybe if enough people politely ask Niantic Labs, the company might make it possible to deck out your female characters with some of the male clothing? Some games make it possible if the male and female meshes are similar, while other times it's just a matter of swapping textures between the males and females. Sometimes, it requires building the clothes from the ground up for the males separate from what needs to be created for the female characters. In Niantic's case, however, there are definitely enough resources to make the options available for both genders in Pokemon GO.

While you desperately wait for Niantic to make swappable clothes, you can still acquire the new clothes for your trainer right now by unlocking the corresponding medals for the outfits, which are currently available for all mobile players.

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