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Pokemon Go Dragonite

Niantic Labs has some brand new content on the way for Pokemon GO. The company has been consistently updating the mobile RPG and the latest Community Day event will give players an opportunity to catch rare Pokemon.

According to Gamespot, the second Community Day event will give players an opportunity to capture an ultra rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. One of those rare Pokemon will be Dratini, who will come with its own specialized move.

The Pokemon will be available during the Community Day starting February 24th, so you'll want to keep your app open for the event at the end of the month just before heading into March. However, even if you do manage to show up for the Community Day, it won't be available throughout all of February 24th... it will only be active for three hours during the day. In fact, you will have between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time to get in on the event and capture Dratini. You'll have access to special bonus lures that will last three hours long, giving you just enough time to lure in and capture Dratini, and a bonus of three catch stardust.

The Dratini also comes with a special move called Draco Meteor. This will be available to every single of the Pokemon you have in your possession, and will be retroactive to all of the ones in your stash, including the ones you captured in Pokemon Go before the event took place.

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However, there's a special restriction on this already limited time event. Even if you do manage to capture Dratini, you'll only have those three hours to evolve it into Dragonair and then later into Dragonite. If you manage to do so before the three hours expire you'll be able to learn and master the Dragon-exclusive move, Draco Meteor.

It's a great way to get a super powerful Pokemon, which will most definitely come in handy during Gym battles and Raid battles. This will also likely come in handy if you plan on attending any of Niantic Labs' upcoming community events where you actually have to show up in person, like what happened in Chicago or Japan last year.

Of course, for this particular Community Day you won't have to worry about traveling halfway around the world just to catch a Pokemon. Instead you can simply rely on going out into your neighborhood and keeping it local during the time span in which the Community Day event will be taking place.

The best part about it from Niantic's perspective is that there's no need to worry about anyone suing for not being able to attend the event, which is what happened during the Chicago event that took place last year during the summer.

You'll likely want to stock up on the star dust or wrap up on the goods offered from the Lunar New Year where it runs up through February 17th, where you'll be able to get your hands on Poochyena, Growlithe, Snubble, Evee, and Electrike, all in celebration of China's Year of the Dog lunar event.

From there you'll likely need to prep for the February 24th event set to take place during the second to last week of the month.