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Jurassic Park Alive

Universal Studios and Ludia announced that there's a new Jurassic World mobile game in the works called Jurassic World Alive. It's the newest game in the budding mobile AR space that mimics the kind of real-world interactivity that became a global phenomenon in 2016 with the release of Pokemon Go.

The announcement came courtesy of a post over on the official website, where it was revealed that the upcoming Jurassic World Alive would allow iOS and Android users to engage with the dinosaur-themed franchise in an all new way, like never before. The game is due for release at some point this spring, but an official release date has not been made public... yet.

Pre-registration has opened up, which allows you to sign up early on iPhone or Android smartphones, and you'll be eligible to earn some special in-game rewards for doing so.

There are no details released on the game and so far there's just a tweet indicating that if you pre-register you'll receive a free incubator when the game does eventually launch. There was a 37 second teaser trailer attached to the reveal, that gives you a very brief glimpse of how the gameplay map is set up and what you can expect from the upcoming mobile title based on the Jurassic World movie franchise.

Very briefly you can see the screen, which has a map almost identical to Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go. Apparently it will use a similar Google Maps-setup that Niantic utilized during the early days of Pokemon Go's release before switching over to a more discreet navigational map setup.

In the clip above we see that the user actually receives a slight notification on the game screen that a dinosaur is nearby, with the map briefly flashing with an indicator. For the purpose of making Jurassic World Alive look flashier for the trailer we see that there's a CGI T-rex that makes a cameo to add some sugar and spice to the reveal of the new game.

What we don't see is how the actual game plays out. Given that the map is very similar to Pokemon Go, I'm sure that the capture tactic will be the same as well, with players likely having to capture various dinosaurs. How the capture process will work? I'm not sure. Niantic Labs' game was centered loosely around the way the other Nintendo Pokemon games were played by using the Pokeballs that could be acquired from PokeStops and other locations sprinkled around real world hotspots.

For Jurassic World Alive I imagine you'll have to visit hotspots to get your hands on capture equipment, maybe like nets or stun prods? I'm not sure, and the details haven't been revealed just yet.

Expect more trailers and explanations of the gameplay ahead of the launch this spring for Android and iOS devices.

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