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The Nintendo Labo came out of the gate with a bit of a trip and stumble. It wasn't quite the huge blockbuster seller that some other first-party products have been when published from under the Nintendo umbrella, and this made it prime fodder for a good 'ole Honest Game Trailer.

The Smosh Games channel uploaded the near four minute video where they don't hesitate to rip Nintendo a new one, first by saying what everyone knows -- that Nintendo has been selling you Super Mario games for the last 30 years -- and that their latest scheme involves selling people a giant pack of cardboard.

The Honest Trailer is brutally honest, noting that Nintendo is basically selling you lots of do-it-yourself material so you'll have to construct all of the gimmicky devices you'll use, saying that it's like assembling Ikea furniture.

It is true that it's like assembling furniture, and the trailer even goes so far as to say that it takes four times as long. And the sad truth of the matter is that they aren't wrong. The Nintendo Labo piano, for instance, can -- on average -- take you anywhere between two to three hours to complete. A lot of it has to do with the fact that there are a lot of different parts to assemble. It's a neat feature when it finally works, but it's also very time consuming just getting the initial building blocks in place.

The Honest Trailer goes all in, ripping the Nintendo Labo to proverbial shreds, saying that the novelty of the experience is in building the cardboard projects rather than actually ever wanting to use any of that stuff again. It's a sad and undeniable truth given that the mini-games that come with the Nintendo Labo are all pretty generic.

The Honest Trailer also digs in deep, mentioning that all of the mini-games that come with the set are extremely generic and very basic, so much so that if they didn't come packed into the cardboard set, you would likely never purchase them if they were sold separately as their own games. Once again, it's a sad but undeniable truth.

Halfway through they take aim at the robot mini-game, and it's stated that it takes five hours to finish building the thing and that it looks like a GameCube game. Ouch.

It's not all bad, though. The Honest Trailer does take time out to praise Nintendo for getting people to engage in actual physical model building, but also notes that there's a lot of garbage and cardboard waste that comes along with it.

The final joke is that Nintendo Labo is little more than "Manual Lab-or" and more gimmicky than anything. They also manage to squeeze a note about how cats seem to absolutely love all the cardboard gizmos.