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Nintendo Switch

This year's E3 was basically Nintendo's to lose. Neither Sony nor Microsoft had anything new to share regarding hardware developments, and the Nintendo Switch was still the new kid on the block for the second year running. Everyone expected a powerful line-up of nonstop big game releases or announcements at this year's E3 during the Nintendo Direct, but the presentation mostly focused on one game. Does that mean that 2018 is the year of remasters, re-releases and indie titles for the Nintendo Switch? Not at all. In fact, Nintendo has a strong line-up of top-tier games planned for release before 2018 wraps up, and there are more games in the pipeline for release this year than we initially thought.

DualShockers quoted the exiting president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, who recently said Nintendo actually has more games to share regarding the Nintendo Switch's line-up for later this year. This line-up includes unannounced games that were not on display at E3 this year.

The company's main focus at the major trade show that took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center was almost entirely on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The upcoming fighting game brings back every single fighter from the history of the Super Smash Bros franchise and throws them into one giant game.

The rest of Nintendo's E3 attendance was mostly centered around a few tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2. We also saw a lot of new gameplay and details revealed for Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee, two games that leverage the popularity of Pokemon Go but combine it with the traditional Game Boy game mechanics.

Beyond that, there were just a few trailers and a few snippets of gameplay of some mid-sized games due to drop for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Kimishima, Nintendo is waiting for the right time to disclose more information about the upcoming games, and give customers a heads-up on the products that will be available during the holiday season later this year.

Typically we expect those big holiday season titles to be announced at E3. But perhaps these are games aimed at the Japanese audience? If that is the case then we might expect the announcements at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Alternatively, Nintendo could be looking to steal the spotlight at this year's GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. It's entirely possible that the company is aiming to leverage a lack of announcements at GamesCom from fellow competitors to snag all the attention. However, more likely, another Nintendo Direct will be made and it will highlight more of the games set to arrive this holiday season that weren't showcased at E3.

Last year Nintendo had a strong line-up of AAA-quality titles releasing almost every single month for the Nintendo Switch, which pushed it to the top of the charts almost every single month throughout 2017. That's not to mention that big games like Super Mario Odyssey, DOOM and Xenoblade Chronicles X all played a big role in helping push Switch units throughout the holiday season. So maybe we'll see a similar line-up revealed for the Switch in the coming months.