Chrono Trigger On PC Receives Final Update

Chrono Trigger
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix re-releasing Chrono Trigger as a native release on PC should have been a move creating a cause for celebration among JRPG enthusiasts and long-time fans of the classic title from the 1990s... but things didn't exactly work out as everyone hoped.The problem is that when Square re-released Chrono Trigger on PC it was more like a patch-job port from the mobile version, with very little effort put into the work resulting in lots of crashes, graphical issues, and overall playability problems. Since the release of the game on PC back in February, Square has been working with the developers to fix up the game and attempt to restore it to the proper state of playability. With the final patch, it appears as though the team managed to bring Chrono Trigger back up to par and alleviate most of the issues gamers had at launch.

The latest patch is also the final patch. As revealed over on the Steam community thread for Chrono Trigger, the developers released patch #5 for PC gamers who purchased the game on Steam, and the notes include a number of major fixes to improve the quality of life features and the overall gameplay. For instance, new key binding options have been implemented, allowing players to modify the game controls for keyboard, mouse, and gamepads. You can also make changes to the keys from within the game itself.

There's also a new "Extras" section that has been added to the main menu, this allows you to see all of the movies you've unlocked, along with illustrations, sound effects, the amazing soundtrack from Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu, along with checking out the endings you've unlocked as well. There is a minor issue, however: if you've already beat the game and unlocked some of the endings, you'll have to beat the game again post-patch to have the endings added to the movie gallery.

The team also made some changes to the general navigational features in Chrono Trigger, including adjustments to the movement settings, new confirmation dialogue boxes when making configuration changes, and using the keyboard to directly input names or text. Also, for Chinese gamers... the team modified the simplified Chinese font to fit the aesthetic of the game, which should help increase readability.

A number of bug fixes were also made, including an issue where the game just would not boot correctly on some PCs utilizing certain graphics cards. Another related fix was made for graphics effects that wouldn't display on certain resolutions, and there were also a few other minor fixes made to help smooth out the gameplay.

I doubt Chrono Trigger will ever be the 1:1 experience on PC that SNES fans expect, but it appears as if it's coming very close to the 16-bit classic, but with a few added bells and whistles to make the experience more fine-tuned on PC. The nostalgia-driven JRPG from the yesteryears is currently available on the Steam store for $14.99.

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