The World Ends With You Coming To The Nintendo Switch In October

Characters from The World Ends With You.

Originally launched on the Nintendo DS way back in 2007, Square Enix's unique city-crawling brawler, The World Ends With You, is about to get a second chance to shine on the Switch. Based on a recent announcement from Nintendo, the battle is set to begin on October 12.

When people think of Square Enix, their mind typically jumps to games like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. Nowadays, you may even drop games they publish but don't develop, like Hitman and Tomb Raider, into that pile. But while they usually get associated with safer, AAA hits, the studio has also been known to bring out a more experimental adventure from time to time.

And that's exactly what we'd call The World Ends With You, which we now know is finally heading to the Nintendo Switch in exactly two months. According to the press release, this Final Remix will boast enhanced graphics and some remixed tunes from the soundtrack, as well as an extra story chapter that digs deeper into the tale of a mysterious character. A version of this game launched a couple years back on mobile, but it never really seemed to get much traction on that platform.

That doesn't mean it isn't worth your attention, though. TWEWY is part RPG, part light visual novel, and part beat-em-up. The story follows Neko and Shiki, a couple of teens who have been pulled into some sort of alternate dimension death game where the losers face "erasure." Battles usually require two participants, which is what made TWEWY such an interesting game on the DS. Players had to juggle between controlling one character with buttons and another with touch controls, which made for some intense, rewarding battles. Those mechanics had to be reworked for the mobile version, obviously, and it looks like that will still be the case with the Switch version.

The press release notes that players will be able to play the game using Joy-cons or the touchscreen, so we're excited to learn how the game actually controls this time around.

Everything about TWEWY is dripping with style, as coordinating outfits is actually a key part of advancing your character's stats. When you aren't busy trying to look as cool as possible, you'll be exploring various Japanese districts, solving some light puzzles, reading peoples' thoughts and playing mini-games. All of that is backed by a catchy-as-hell soundtrack. The game may be more than a decade old at this point, but we suspect it has survived the test of time nicely, especially if it's getting a visual touch-up for the Switch.

Nintendo put out the above trailer to accompany the October 12 launch date announcement, in case you'd like to see the game in action. You don't get much of a feel for the actual gameplay, but the trademark style is definitely present and accounted for.

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