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When it comes to episodic content gamers have to usually wait a long time in between episodes. For a lot of previous Telltale Games titles there were usually a month or two between each episode being released. The wait times can easily kill off the hype and anticipation for some gamers because you can very readily lose track of the plot for the game or the character stories and everything else in between. In order to change up the current way that episodic content is rolled out, Telltale Games decided to do something that many fans duly appreciate: unveil a public schedule. Yes, you can now see exactly when new episodes will be made available for The Walking Dead: The Final Season ahead of their release.

The scheduled was made available both through the text in a tweet over on the Telltale Games Twitter account, and through a visual infographic attached to the tweet.

So, we learn that the first episode is already available, which is Episode 1- "Done Running." It came out for home consoles and PC just this week on August 14th. This was the first episode for the final season of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.

The second episode will be arriving slightly sooner than you may have been expecting. In fact, you'll be able to find out what befalls Clementine and AJ after arriving at the Erickson Boarding School for troubled youth when Episode 2 - "Suffer the Children" becomes available for home consoles, mobile devices and PC starting near the end of next month, on September 25th.

The third episode is probably the longest ways off, as you'll have to wait nearly two months before you get to dive into the next set of thrills. It's the, very interestingly named, "Broken Toys." Instead of being a month and 11 days away from the previous episode, you'll actually have to go through all of October bereft of any content, and wait until November 6th before Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season pops up. There were similar gaps in episodic releases for Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within, which resulted in some fans losing the plot. However, things did quickly pick back up by the time Episode 4 and Episode 5 dropped.

Finally, there's Episode 4 - "Take Us Back," which will be available a month after Episode 3 drops, starting December 18th. What's interesting here is that while the infographic has the basic release date schedules, the episodes in the actual tweet are accompanied by little Twitter emojis, which seem to hint at the content of each episode.

One thing that's interesting is that usually the seasons have five episodes, but this time around it appears there are only four episodes. It definitely makes you wonder if it will be one episode short for the final season. I suppose a lot of this depends on how the story plays out and what gamers can expect. The crying emoji definitely makes it seem like The Walking Dead: The Final Season will end on a tearjerker, but I guess we'll have to wait until December to find out.