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Yet another Nintendo Direct is about to be broadcast around the world, this time with a big focus on upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. It's going to be a rather lengthy presentation, too, so we imagine loads of details will be offered concerning what Nintendo fans will be playing heading into 2019.

If you're looking to check out this latest Nintendo Direct, it's going to air on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 3 p.m. PT. According to a statement from Nintendo, the direct will last about 35 minutes and contain "information on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles." In case you're experiencing some déjà vu, that's probably because Nintendo has been firing off Direct presentations in rapid succession as of late. We got a big reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this summer, followed by two Directs in a row that focused on upcoming Nindies.

As for the specifics of tomorrow's Direct, Nintendo is staying pretty tight-lipped about the whole affair. Still, given what they've chosen to focus on in the past and what games are still lacking in key details, we've got some pretty good guesses about what will be on tap.

For starters, Nintendo will finally launch its online subscription service later this month, so we fully expect this Direct to dish some additional details. The only real question marks in that regard are what other functionality we can expect out of Nintendo's smartphone app (Will there be a Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate tie-in, for instance?) and what games, exactly, will be part of their subscription service. Nintendo revealed that, while the library will grow over time, the service will boast 20 classic NES games initially, such as Super Mario Bros. and Excite Bike. This next Direct is probably a good time to finally reveal all 20 of the games folks will get to play (with online support, no less) once the service goes live.

Looking ahead, we imagine the 3DS won't be too big of a focus for the Direct. Like it or not, development for the console is slowing, and Nintendo only has a few announced games worth talking about. Save any major surprises, which is always a possibility with Nintendo, we expect to hear more information about Luigi's Mansion, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and maybe even a little bit about the upcoming Yo-kai Watch Blasters.

While it's possible Smash Bros. will get some love, we figure games releasing sooner than December will likely hog more of the spotlight. These include Super Mario Party,Starlink and, of course, Pokemon: Let's Go. On the horizon, we wouldn't be surprised by some fresh info concerning the new Fire Emblem game, as well as the highly anticipated Daemon X Machina. This might also be a good time to throw a bone to fans of games further out from launch, such as the new Yoshi Switch game, as well as Metroid Prime 4.

That seems like a lot, but Nintendo can cram a surprising number of announcements and reveals into 35 minutes, so we've got our fingers crossed for a shotgun blast of information rather than a deep dive on, like, three games.

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