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Following rumors that started circulating earlier this week, it looks like the YouTube app has finally launched for the Nintendo Switch. So if you want to move seamlessly from playing Splatoon 2 to watching videos of Splatoon 2, you can do it all from Nintendo's gaming device.

Over on the Nintendo website, an official listing in the Game Store for the YouTube app is now active. Encouraging shoppers to "kick back and relax," the streaming app lets you peruse everything YouTube has to offer. There are a handful of images showing off the app in action and, of course, they all feature Nintendo YouTube channels and videos. This is solid timing on Nintendo's part, as the holiday season is just around the corner and, while I fully endorse avoiding awkward chats with family members by playing Mario Kart, I also fully endorse avoiding awkward chats with family members by searching YouTube for "world's cutest kittens" and seeing where that particular rabbit hole takes you.

If you have YouTube on literally any other device on the planet, you know what to expect here. The Nintendo app has all of the usual customization options (like turning "auto play" the hell off), and the menu looks to be the same available on consoles like the PlayStation 4 or streaming devices like the FireTV. You can browse freely or set up an account to start customizing your experience. You can save videos to watch later, check out oodles of recommended videos, subscribe to your favorite feeds, etc.

This news might not come as a surprise to you, as Nintendo kind of let the cat out of the bag a bit early with this one. Earlier this week, folks noticed that the Nintendo storefront would occasionally recommend they try out the YouTube app on their Switch. They weren't able to actually click on the icon, but it seemed likely that an announcement would follow such a leak. That's exactly what happened and, as of now, you can grab the app for your own console.

I've got my fingers crossed that this is a sign of things to come. Other than YouTube, the only other streaming app on the Switch is Hulu. The Niconico app is available in Japan, but that's about it for streaming services. Now that Nintendo's for-pay online service is live and the YouTube app is available, I've got some pretty high hopes that services like Netflix will roll out soon. If that happens, hopefully, Nintendo will also soon reveal the ability to actually organize all of our downloaded content.

Either way, it's at least nice to see the Switch do more of the things we've come to expect from a modern console. And for those of you who like to lounge around and watch YouTube videos on your phone, that big and beautiful Switch screen should now be a tempting alternative.