A Classic Cart Racer May Be Getting A Remake

Crash and Tiny race Crash Team Racing

Yet another PlayStation classic could be getting the remake treatment, with the latest rumor having cart racing fans spinning their wheels with excitement: Crash Team Racing.

The buzz last week was that a remake of Crash Team Racing is in the works but, in those early days of the rumor, nobody had anything solid to base those predictions on. It looks like they might not have been totally unwarranted, though, as a recent Twitter post has added some legitimate fuel to the fire.

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PlayStation Access host Hollie Bennett took to social media yesterday to show off a delivery she received. Said mystery package included a pair of fuzzy orange dice and an anonymous note that simply said something would be "sliding into the Game Awards" on Dec. 6. She asked if anyone had any ideas what the package could be referencing, and the comments immediately jumped to a remake of Crash Team Racing.

A PlayStation exclusive, CTR took the beloved marsupial and his collection of bizarre pals and dropped them into a cart racing game that was quite clearly inspired by the Mario Kart series. You collected fruit instead of coins and blasted through crates instead of rolling across item blocks but, otherwise, it was exactly what you would expect out of a fast and frantic race-a-thon.

You know what, I'm going to just go ahead and say it: Crash Team Racing was better than Mario Kart 64, and anyone who disagrees is clearly in Nintendo's pocket.

CTR had a relatively small roster of characters, but the maps were great, the music was thumpin' and the battle mode was a lot of fun. The game even boasted a great single player campaign and introduced a clever mechanic that granted a speed boost if you held the jump button while going off of a ramp.

Crash Team Racing has been on my personal remake wish list for a while now, and it looks like that wish might finally be coming true. And it makes sense, too. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was a huge success for Activision and it looks like Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is en route to enjoying similar success. Activision also holds the rights to CTR, so they might as well just give fans what they so desperately crave, right?

The good news is that we won't have to work in the rumor mill much longer on this one. The Game Awards airs soon and whatever is being teased here is clearly going to be announced during the show. Considering the fact Fortnite's big surprise was already spoiled by a streamer and the new Far Cry game was teased by the developer a bit earlier than expected, it'll be nice if this one 1) turns out to be true and 2) is kept a proper secret until the actual reveal.

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