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Extreme sports enthusiasts tackle the mountain in Steep.

Bundle up and grab your snowboard, because PlayStation Plus is taking subscribers to the mountains of Steep in January, along with the usual assortment of games for each of Sony's platforms.

January kicks off on a Tuesday in 2019, which means the New Year will officially begin with the arrival of a collection of new games for PlayStation Plus. If you're a subscriber to Sony's premium online service, all six of this month's games can be added to your digital collection at no additional charge.

The big highlight for the month is Steep, the open-world sports game from Ubisoft. Appropriate for the winter months, Steep drops players onto a big, open, snow-covered mountain range in order to tackle challenges, take on other players and generally have a good time while freely alternating between the game's multiple modes of transportation. You can tackle the mountain on skis, a snowboard, a paraglider or even a wingsuit, all of which boast their own controls and series of missions to complete. Like all of the upcoming PlayStation Plus games, you can download Steep onto your PlayStation 4 next Tuesday, Jan. 1.

Also joining the PS4 catalog in January is Portal Knights. Kind of a blend between Minecraft and an action-based RPG, Portal Knights lets players go on adventures solo or with friends while building structures and crafting gear. The game is a critical darling, so there's certainly no harm in downloading it and giving it a try once it becomes available next week.

Hopping over to the PlayStation 3, January's Plus games include Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Amplitude. The former boasts a remaster of Hideo Kojima's fan-favorite mech games from the PlayStation 2 while the latter is a rad-as-hell rhythm game. Both are totally worth checking out if you're looking for something to play through the slow early days of 2019.

Finally, there's the PlayStation Vita collection for January, which includes Super Mutant Alien Assault and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion. That first game is a bright and neon platformer shooter you can play solo or co-op, while Fallen Legion is an action RPG that takes a bit of inspiration from a genre classic, Valkyrie Profile. It's worth noting that Fallen Legion is also a cross-play title with PlayStation 4, in case you'd rather enjoy the game on a home console.

So long as you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can grab any and all of those games throughout the month of January for their respective platforms. Also worth noting is the fact that the PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III for Warframe is still available. If you're enjoying the free-to-play space-ninja game, this pack is also free of charge and includes some in-game currencies and resources, a sweet skin and a Quanta laser rifle. This pack is only available through Jan. 15, though, so be sure to grab it in the next couple of weeks.