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While you sat and watched your PS4 chug along as it downloaded the latest firmware update, 3.5, you probably didn’t realize some of the actual updates coming to the console. We know remote play was a big deal, but there was a collection of other little fixes and improvements that made the update that much better.

The story comes from Kotaku, who reported on the hidden updates that players may not have recognized from the download. And in fact, some of them really are hidden.

1. Remove The “Players You May Know” Section
Sometimes, very much like Facebook or Twitter, PlayStation pops up with a box for “Players You May Know.” And it's just as annoying as it is on social media. But the new update for PlayStation actually lets you remove those people. Now it’s just a question of whether or not new people will be there to replace the ones you removed.
2. The PS4 Network Test Will Be More Accurate
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the PS4 network test and it came up with some pretty inaccurate results. So many times I’d be on the phone with Time Warner and they’d ask what my speed was. With the PS4 readily available, I’d run a test to see. The PS4 would always give this ridiculously low speed like 2 mb/s when I was supposed to be getting close to 100. I’ve learned to just not consult the network test for fear of getting any information wrong when trying to double-check the internet. But the new update recognizes this problem. Now apparently the estimations are supposed to be more accurate, thanks to the update fixing a bug.
3. Turn Off Screenshot Confirmation Messages
One thing that really bothers me is desktop notifications from Facebook Messenger. They’re always popping up and I can’t see the tabs underneath and I feverishly try to click out of it, only accidentally clicking the notification, which reloads a new page with the conversation. Well, the screenshot confirmation messages on the PS4 aren’t much better. But the new update now allows users to turn off the notifications.
4. Limit Party Sizes
Remember that time you made a party and random people would drop in and you had to make them leave? That’s now a thing of the past. Now PlayStation has made it possible to limit party sizes so you don’t have to keep asking internet weirdos to leave. This happened to me once where I was in a party with one of my friends and all of a sudden someone else started singing into the mic. After a pit of dread had formed in my stomach, I had to creepily ask, “Who’s there?” It was not fun.
5. Trophy Screenshots Are Improved
So many times in the past when I had earned a trophy, the screenshot wouldn’t register until the notification actually popped up. So many times the screenshot was worthless because it had missed the moment. But now, that’s been fixed. The screenshot now snaps the moment you earn the trophy and not when the notification pops up. Plus, the screenshot will always have the trophy notification superimposed on it, so you can see exactly what the trophy was for. Nifty, eh?

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