Running and gunning is fun and all, but what really gets the blood pumping is hiding in the shadows, dispatching your foes quietly or simply sneaking by without anyone ever being the wiser. Stealth games have become a bigger part of the gaming landscape over the past 15 or so years, but we're willing to bet there are a few that you might have overlooked.

Stealth games come in a variety of flavors. Some task you with making it from Point A to Point B without ever being spotted by the enemy, while others merely reward you for staying out of sight and achieving your objectives without causing too much of a fuss. Still others encourage stealth tactics but allow for a shift to more aggressive gameplay if an when you get spotted.

Stealth fans have a lot to look forward to in these next couple of weeks as Dishonored: Definitive Edition and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain hit the market. Both of these games fall into that third category, making it clear that stealth will allow you to skate by with less opposition while simultaneously giving you the necessary tools to handle emergencies.

In case you're looking for an alternative game to practice your stealthy habits, though, we have a few suggestions both new and old. So crawl under a cardboard box and make your way into the nearest dark corner, because here are five stealth games you're probably not playing.

The freshest game on the list, Volume comes from the mind of Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) and launched for PC and PS4 on Aug. 18. Word on the street is that a Vita version is also due out later this fall.

In Volume, the player is tasked with sneaking through environments while avoiding detection from guards, dogs and the like. A new take on the story of Robin Hood, you come into possession of a device called the Volume, which just so happens to be used by a rogue group planning on overthrowing the government. The device lets the user run through simulation of planned attacks, which you decide to boadcast to the world in order to bring these evil plots into the light. Think VR missions from the OG Metal Gear Solid and you've got a pretty good idea of how Volume looks and plays. Oh, and there are user-made levels to boot!

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