Mobile gaming has been taking the video game industry by storm lately, with major companies like Konami completely changing gears to appeal to a mobile audience. But if you’re a console gamer who’s interested in learning about what new and upcoming mobile games to look forward to, well we’ve got a treat for you.
Pokémon GO!
Many Pokémon fans have been waiting years for Nintendo to bring a handheld Pokémon game to mobile, if anything for nostalgic reasons. Unfortunately, Pokémon GO! will not be that nostalgic and highly-requested trip back to childhood gaming. But, Pokémon GO! will be something else, maybe something far more spectacular. In Pokémon GO!, your life becomes a Pokémon game, as the mobile game blends real-life into the game itself. The game is supposed to release sometime this year, but has no official release date yet.

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