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Mobile gaming has been taking the video game industry by storm lately, with major companies like Konami completely changing gears to appeal to a mobile audience. But if you’re a console gamer who’s interested in learning about what new and upcoming mobile games to look forward to, well we’ve got a treat for you.
Pokémon GO!
Many Pokémon fans have been waiting years for Nintendo to bring a handheld Pokémon game to mobile, if anything for nostalgic reasons. Unfortunately, Pokémon GO! will not be that nostalgic and highly-requested trip back to childhood gaming. But, Pokémon GO! will be something else, maybe something far more spectacular. In Pokémon GO!, your life becomes a Pokémon game, as the mobile game blends real-life into the game itself. The game is supposed to release sometime this year, but has no official release date yet.
Torchlight Mobile
You might often hear me refer to an old dungeon crawler in other articles by the name of Torchlight. Torchlight was one of the first dungeon crawlers I ever played and it pays homage to famed dungeon crawlers like Diablo. With a similar leveling system and a multitude of dungeons to explore and items to gain, I often spent hours playing. Now, Torchlight is getting its own mobile game. There aren’t many details on the game yet, but Torchlight fans are thrilled.
Dark Sword
If you’re into hack n’ slash games, then you definitely need to check out the upcoming Dark Sword. The RPG has a shadowed art style and stereotypical hack n’ slash combat and side-scrolling platformer gameplay. You play as a warrior armed with a sword as you defeat waves of monsters. You’ll be able to upgrade your character by defeating bosses and collecting items and coins. Dark Sword will be on iOS and Android and has a release window of early February.
Disney Magic Kingdoms
Don’t lie—you know secretly, deep down inside, you still absolutely love Disney movies and would drop everything to spend a day at Disney World. Gameloft and Disney Interactive announced the mobile game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, at D23 Expo last year. Players get the chance to interact with over 90 years worth of Disney characters and complete quests to save the park from notorious Disney villains. The game has a 2016 release window and will be available on iOS, Android and Windows phone.
The Witness
If you grew up in the early era of computer gaming, then you must’ve either heard of or been a fan of MYST. The game as as mystical as it was challenging, giving the players an open world filled with mysteries and puzzles to solve. The Witness plays in a similar way. In The Witness, you explore a seemingly abandoned island and solve difficult puzzles to trek further. The game already has a release date of January 26 for PC and PS4, but the website only states that the mobile version will come some months after that.