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In a move that I'm sure will surprise none of you, Rockstar is porting the obscenely successful Grand Theft Auto 4 to the PC, the platform where the series was born. It's the second new game they've announced this week, the first being GTA: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS. I guess they just finished counting all the money they made in April.

So, what will the PC version of GTA4 have that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions don't, besides rampant piracy? It'll probably be a bit shinier. Oh, and you probably won't have to pay for the DLC, whenever it's released. Also, the box you use to play the PC port of GTA4 can be used to download Japanese tentacle porn. Does that count as a game feature?

Okay, the press release does mention "newly expanded multiplayer" for the PC but they don't elaborate on that. I guess that means we'll see another multiplayer mode or two, in addition to the fifteen that appeared on consoles. Or maybe they'll add more player levels, along with additional unlockable clothing (meh). These are the likely scenarios but I'd rather they just beefed up the existing multiplayer modes (ex: new starting/finishing points for "Cops 'N Crooks" mode) or added more meaningful unlockables (ex: weapons or equipment).

Still, even if the additions or revisions for the PC version aren't significant, you're still left with a damn good game. I'd say it's my favorite 2008 release thus far (though I do have high hopes for Fallout 3). The PC port of GTA4 will hit stores in North America on November 18th.

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