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The PC strategy series Total War could branch into other platforms. The Creative Assembly says that console installments are possible.

"At some point. Maybe. I don't know," lead artist Kevin McDowell told CVG in regards to a console Total War. "Somebody give Sega a bucket load of money to pay for it and we'd be alright."

The large investment required to bring the series to consoles is one portion of the problem. The other is that other platforms may be more alluring. McDowell points out that Facebook would be a potential destination for a new Total War.

"I mean you've talked about using joypads, we've also looked elsewhere, we're looking at everything including iPhones, online gaming as well. Just different ways of playing," said lead designer Jamie Fergusson.

The Creative Assembly's parent company Sega previously suggested that the series could take an MMO turn. Many options are on the table, it seems.

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