Fruitbat Factory has announced it will be localizing TORaIKI’s haunted RPG, 99 spirits, prepping the game for an “early 2013” PC release in the U.S.

99 spirits is basically what would happen if some of the artistic flair of Okami bled into a Pokemon game, all wrapped into a more traditional Japanese Roleplaying Game packaging. Also, Ghostbusters.

Players take on the role of Hanabusa, a young girl living in feudal Japan who has just lost her mother to a band of evil spirits. After meeting with a spirit claiming to be her long-lost father, Hanabusa decides to dedicate her life to seeking out the spirits responsible for her mother’s death and destroying them.

99 Spirits deals with the Japanese legends of Tsukumogami, objects that become alive after reaching their 100th “birthday.” In order to defeat a spirit, Hanabusa must first identify what it is in a battle system that relies on puzzles before letting the player and the enemy duke it out. Once a spirit has been defeated, Hanabusa may be able to convince it to join her cause, too.

According to Fruitbat, 99 Spirits will feature more than 10 hours of gameplay and, despite its name, more than 100 spirits to defeat and, eventually, master their skills.

Set to release in early 2013 for Windows PC, no price point has been announced yet. For additional media, info and upcoming details, keep your browser tuned to the 99 Spirts official website.

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