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I don’t know if there was ever a game masked in as much secrecy as Ubisoft Montreal’s Assassin’s Creed games. Story information, character details and gameplay was always withheld and slowly leaked out to the gaming community. Well, here’s some insight into the upcoming sequel that Ubisoft may not want you to know about.

It’s time to break down some stuff for the sequel that should tickle your fancy like a good celebrity scandal:

For starters, Altair has been replaced with someone who looks just like him, but his name is more Lego’ish and rhymes a little bit with eggo. Yes, if you guessed that the new protagonist’s name is Ezio, you are correct. It’s a new hero and Ubisoft didn’t want people to know at first until they released the information publicly. So yeah, now you know.

You can now utilize Leo Da Vinci’s devices in the newest game, including hand-gliders and other useful gadgets. I bet you didn’t know that? Well, thanks to Electronic Theatre we were tipped to that info. What’s more, though, is that gamers could possibly get their hands on some of the impractical yet interesting weapons such as a steam cannon or a variety of projectiles used during the Italian Renaissance. Many of the weapons, of course, would have to be small enough to stay within Ezio Auditore Di Firenze’s man-dress…otherwise there would be unsightly bulges in all the wrong places.

Electronic Theatre also broke down some revelations uncovered within their exclusive TV debut trailer and Dawn of a New Era teaser. In those cases they suggest that in accordance with Da Vinci’s inventions used for weapons and transportation, they could also play a part in a new puzzle-solving mechanic. Is it possible that gamers could be twisting cranks and jerking knobs more often in this sequel? Well, that’s a strong possibility. The sequel will definitely need more gameplay depth than the original and puzzle-solving tactics are a great way to deflect attention away from other gameplay inadequacies. Sort of like how a handsome fellow might drive a flashy car to compensate for other short-comings *wink*

The most important form of information that Ubisoft probably didn’t want you to know about the game is the fact that the Dawn of a New Era trailer actually has 0.4 seconds of a delay between the speech of the line “coming holiday 2009”, as opposed to the original teaser trailer for Assassin’s Creed 2. Yeah, I’m sure Ubi is uber-angry now that you know that bit of info.

Anyway, you can visit the Official Assassin’s Creed Website for more information on the game. Also, you can expect more information to be released as E3 draws near. So be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, insight, info and updates regarding the latest gaming titles.