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Ubisoft has rolled out a new television ad for Assassin's Creed 3. The music choice is a little questionable but nonetheless it's a stirring compilation of gameplay footage.

The song, if you're wondering, is "Coming Home" by P. Diddy. Ubisoft smartly recognized that Diddy's rhymes don't really fit with AC3's Revolutionary War setting. The track on the ad has been edited so it's just Skylar Grey's backup vocals and the music itself.

AC3 stars a new protagonist, the half-Native American Connor. He joins the Assassins in their centuries-old conflict against the Templar. In the process, he'll become wrapped up in America's war for independence. Ubisoft has said time and time again that Connor will be killing Templars on both sides of the conflict but pretty much all of the marketing for this game, including this trailer, has emphasized his role in helping the revolution.

Fortunately, I'm American (and so is everyone watching this on TV) so the pandering works. It's a fun, exciting trailer. Game's out at the end of October.

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