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Assassin's Creed 3 isn't arriving on the Wii U this week. However, the longer wait might be the only downside to the Wii U version. Ubisoft says that Nintendo's new console will get the planned DLC for AC3.

Ubisoft confirmed the news to CVG. They mention that their plans for the Wii U include "all" of the DLC. There's no mention of how this content will be delivered to Wii U owners, though. It might be on the disc or released digitally after launch.

Five DLC episodes are planned for AC3. Three of them will make up a new single-player campaign. This campaign is an alternate history adventure in which George Washington crowns himself King of America. The other two pieces of DLC will provide new multiplayer maps and characters.

PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers will be able to buy a Season Pass for this content. This pass will give them access to all of the new DLC at a discounted rate. Furthermore, they'll be able to download these packs a week before everyone else. The fact that Ubisoft didn't mention the Wii U when they announced the Season Pass suggests that they won't offer the pass on that console.

AC3 is now available worldwide on the PS3 and 360. The Wii U version is due on November 18th in North America and on November 30th in Europe, the same days that the Wii U console itself will be released.