Eutechnyx, the team behind the latest NASCAR game, revealed some new details for their upcoming, online racing simulator Auto Club Revolution. Not only did they reveal new details about the game but they also confirmed that closed beta testing will start this month.

The executive producer of the game, Doug Wolff, commented in the press release saying…
“The most important thing is to ensure that every player will enjoy racing their cars. That’s why Auto Club Revolution includes a deep array of features that appeal to more and less experienced racing game fans. Auto Club Revolution is much more than just a multiplayer online racing game; it’s a platform for owning, customising, driving, racing, and most importantly, enjoying cars online.”

Eutechnyx is going to have a tough uphill climb with stiff competition from both Ubisoft and EA’s Trackmania and Need for Speed World. Nevertheless, if the racing is fast and furious and the gameplay options are plentiful, then they shouldn’t have any problems maintaining players.

Speaking of game options…ACR will feature single-player modes for practicing and earning some skills, as well as multiplayer modes and various racing mechanics such as drifting, drafting, and player-assists for newbies.

Closed beta registration is currently open and available to those who wish to participate in the upcoming stress test. You can head on over to the Official Website to learn more about the game or sign up for the CBT, which will take place this month.

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