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Beamdog, the publisher of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, has confirmed that the role-playing game won't be appearing on the Wii U. Beamdog co-founder Trent Oster says that they won't work with Nintendo again.

"We don't do Nintendo development," Oster tweeted (via Eurogamer). "Our previous experience with Nintendo was enough to ensure there will not be another."

BG:EE, a remake of a 1998 PC RPG, is being developed by Beamdog subsidiary Overhaul Games. Overhaul's previous game was a remake of MDK2. Their experience with porting that game to the Wii is what soured Oster on Nintendo.

"My problems with Nintendo are: requiring 6000 unit sales before payment, a certification process that took us 9 months and a 40mb limit," Oster said.

Oster added that the Wii "is a toy, not a console." He balanced out the comments by praising the N64, GameCube and DS. Point still stands, though: no Baldur's Gate for the Wii U.

BG:EE is being developed for the PC, iPad and Mac. It'll be out this summer.

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