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Baldur's Gate, the 1998 Dungeons and Dragons RPG, has returned to the PC in a new and improved form. The Enhanced Edition of the game can be purchased for $19.99.

BG takes place in the famous Forgotten Realms setting of D&D. The player, an orphan living at Candlekeep, is unexpectedly asked to leave. They set out on a journey that will take them through mines, dungeons, and the city of Baldur's Gate.

The Enhanced Edition features all of the content of the original, including the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. It also introduces a new arena-based challenge at the Black Pits. Players will be able to find three new recruitable NPC's throughout the world.

The game's also been tuned up with a number of smaller changes. For example, the cinematics have been redone. You can check out the opening movie below. It features the same voiceover from the original, but it substitutes the old CGI for hand-drawn art.

You can download the remake through Beamdog. That digital store is the exclusive place to purchase the PC version. Beamdog owns Overhaul Games, the developer of BG:EE.

Overhaul also plans to release the game on the Mac, iPad, and Android tablets. The Mac and iPad versions were expected to arrive today but suffered last-minute delays. The Android version will arrive by Christmas, according to creative director Trent Oster.