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Gearbox not only revealed who the last two characters are to join the Battleborn roster, but they also had them accompanied with two high-energy trailers that cover the skills and abilities of the last two heroes to make the cut in the upcoming first-person, multiplayer shooter game.

Shacknews covered both Battleborn characters in detail, describing the first as a mad scientist named Kleese who uses his high-tech chair and technology to hurt enemies and help friends. You can see his reveal trailer below.

Kleese has a wide arsenal of abilities at his disposal, starting with the standard projectile wrist cannon, which is just a standard energy shot towards enemies. There's a Shock Taser that disables an enemy's shields, useful for weakening them for another teammate to finish them off. His Mortal Launcher allows him to fire a salvo of energy blasts at opponents for extra damage at a medium range.

On a more support-oriented angle, Kleese can drop down an energy rift that damages enemies and restores the shields of nearby teammates. The final skill from the mad scientist is a Black Hole, this sucks up all the enemies within a nearby vicinity and does massive amounts of damage to them.

Kleese definitely comes across as one of the more powerful characters on Battleborn's roster.

The second trailer is for the character El Dragon, a space luchadore with cyborg arms. You can check out his trailer below.

As showcased at the start of the trailer, El Dragon's main arsenal is his robotic arms that he uses to punch and pummel enemies into the ground. He has a special clap attack that does a lot of damage to enemies if he's close enough, nearly causing them to instantly die if he times the attack just right.

One of his attacks is actually quite devastating, and one of the more powerful we've seen in Battleborn, which includes a running clothesline attack that runs through all enemies in his pathway, dishing out lots of damage in the process. They don't say if he gains any sort of invulnerability during this process, but he certainly seems to move through the opposition quickly.

His attacks look very situational, and unlike a lot of other Battleborn characters who seem to be setup to deal with a diverse range of situations, El Dragon seems a lot more limited to just running around and melee attacking.

There are a few other characters on Battleborn's roster who have a similar set of moves and a similar set of limitations when it comes to combat versatility (or the lack thereof) and it makes me question how useful these characters will be during PvP? I guess we'll find out just how useful they are in the arena when Battleborn launches on May 3 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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