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Ask fans of the series what sets Battlefield 3 apart from something like Modern Warfare 3 and they'll likely go on a rant about the wide, sweeping maps, tactical gameplay and, of course, the vehicles. Battlefield 3's most recent DLC, Close Quarters, brought the game more in line with its FPS cousin, featuring smaller, more confined maps and zero vehicles. Armored Kill, the next batch of DLC due out in September, though, returns to Battlefield's roots with a bunch of new massive maps and vehicles. Lots and lots of vehicles.

Armored Kill should make old school Battlefield fans grin like they've got some sort of creepy, face-altering condition. The upcoming DLC features a pair of new maps, Alborz Mountain and Bandar Desert, five new vehicles, 20 new vehicle-specific unlocks, a new hovering gunship teams can fight for control over and even a new Tank Superiority game mode.

The new expansion is all about giant hunks of metal moving around at breakneck speeds and making things go boom. Check out the latest gameplay trailer, released by EA earlier today.

Pretty fantastic, right? If that trailer didn't get the ole' red stuff pumping, then first-person shooters might not be the genre for you. I had fun with close quarters and all, but Battlefield has always been about war on a massive scale, and Armored Kill looks to be providing exactly that.

As always, Premium members will get in on all the action a couple of weeks early when the new DLC drops this September. Otherwise, lock, load, and get ready to head back to the Battlefield.

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