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Battlefield 3 Designer Wants Feedback On Weapon Balance

DICE is looking to balance the weapon attachments in Battlefield 3. Today core gameplay designer Alan Kertz asked players for feedback on this subject through a post on Reddit.

"I'm working on a retweak of the accessories in the game currently, as I feel the player is limited in choice due to a few accessories being the clear winners in almost all categories," said Kertz. "While this unfortunately means nerfing those that are over used, the goal here is to focus on improving the under performing and under used attachments. Additionally it is the intention for an unmodified weapon to offer the best balance of Recoil, Accuracy, and Stealth."

"Right now this is preliminary, I've already asked for feedback on different attachments, and there's several good threads here and on Battlelog that discuss the weapons. Again, I'm not promising this will go live, and I'm not promising there will be an update, I'm looking for feedback and a discussion."

Kertz also detailed his current thoughts on each attachment. For example, he considers the Flash Suppressor and Bipods underwhelming and in need of buffs. He also reiterated his early intention to nerf the foregrip.

As Kertz said, there's no guarantee that players' feedback will be incorporated or that there will even be a rebalancing patch, period. Therefore, there's no telling when this update could go live.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.