The PC will not be missing out on BioShock 2's single-player downloadable content, after all. 2K Games has decided to resume development of the DLC for that platform and also prepare a final patch.

"One of the core principles of the 2K Games community is to keep an open dialogue with gamers and listen to what they have to say," said 2K community manager Elizabeth Tobey. "We are a company of gamers making awesome experiences for gamers - and given the conversations we've had over the past two weeks, we've decided to go back and finish the PC patch and Protector Trials."

2K intends to have the patch and Protector Trials ready for certification by December. The certification process could take about four weeks. When released, though, Protector Trials will be free of charge.

The other single-player DLC, Minerva's Den, is also coming to the PC. However, it's going to take even longer to prepare. "When we stopped development on Minerva's Den, it was not in a workable state and needed significantly more dev time to complete. As of now, we are not certain how much longer it would take to complete the project to our standards, but we have reallocated resources to work on completing the project so PC gamers can have this experience in Rapture along with 360 and PS3 owners."

Protector Trials offers players a series of standalone challenges. Minerva's Den is a single-player campaign with a new protagonist.

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