Irrational Games is taking a democratic approach to the next BioShock Infinite trailer. Fans will be able to vote on the focus of the video, slated to arrive next weekend.

The countdown on the official BioShock page says that the trailer will be released on October 21st. If my math doesn't suck (it generally does), it'll arrive around 7 AM EST:

If you sign into Facebook and "like" that page, you'll see a poll below the countdown. This poll asks whether you want the trailer to have more Elizabeth or Songbird, Zeppelins or Skylines, Motorized Patriot or Handyman. The poll results of these three decisions will be weighed in some way by Irrational as they prepare the trailer.

I don't expect this poll will have a huge effect on the final trailer. After all, you're choosing which game elements you want to see more of. The characters and objects that lose the poll will still appear, but they'll just have a lower presence in the video.

BioShock Infinite will be arriving in February of next year. The game's enjoyed a very low key presence over the past few months but hopefully this new trailer will kick off a new round of updates from Irrational.

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